Can the youth have a good holiday visiting religious places?

The answer to this question really depends upon what is your definition of a holiday. Is it just to relax, explore the destination or get a new experience? Each one of us will have our own answers. IN 2019, I got an opportunity to visit Vrindavan with my elders. The trip was a family ritualContinue reading “Can the youth have a good holiday visiting religious places?”

Should I travel now or later in #2021?

With #Summer holidays round the corner, many of you are tempted to plan the next holiday this summer. Its been over a year since Covid started spreading in India and with the year #2020 gone staying at home, many of us really want to get out. Some of you may have already done a 2Continue reading “Should I travel now or later in #2021?”

Which is the best national park in India?

Difficult question to answer. There are many wild life or national parks in India. Some are more popular than the others. In this post, I will share my experience visiting 5 major national parks in India. National parks could be classified based on the area of the park, number of lions or tiger or otherContinue reading “Which is the best national park in India?”

Why should you visit a national park in summer?

Sounds crazy right? It didn’t to me when I planned my summer holiday to Pench National Park. Its was 1st week of May. Yes its true! Peak summer season with temperatures soaring to 40 degrees plus. Pench is 2 hours drive from Nagpur airport. It was a comfortable drive. Checked-in at the Taj bordering theContinue reading “Why should you visit a national park in summer?”