Worried about vegetarian food while travelling to another country?

One of the things which our clients ask quite often when they are travelling is “Will I get vegetarian food”? Food is an important element of any travel planning. Some people are pure vegetarian and some even have preference for a particular type of vegetarian food. Food becomes even more important when travelling with kids. If they are not stuffed, we know how cranky they can get.

I am a vegetarian myself. When I went to Thailand with my family including my parents, my mother would not eat at a place where they served non-veg food. Luckily Thailand had a lot of vegetarian food options. My father and the rest of the family eat eggs so there was a bit of flexibility there. I was able to find restaurants which would satisfy everyone’s dietary needs here.

However, my experience in Europe was different. I had gone to work some 15 years back. The job required me to travel to smaller cities where vegetarian food was very difficult to get. And that time, I would not even eat eggs. So my options were very limited. Cheese pizza, cheese sandwiches were my safe bets. Once I remember having breakfast at a local restaurant, and I asked for a vegetarian sandwich. I took a bite and realized something was off. So I checked what all was in the sandwich and saw a red color stuffing. When I inquired, they said its ham. They said ham is considered vegetarian in Europe.

I learnt my lessons very early on. I need to be prepared when I am looking for vegetarian food options. Following is my checklist:

  1. Does the destination I am visiting have vegetarian food options?
  2. How easy is it to find vegetarian food? I mean are then many or few restaurants serving vegetarian food?
  3. What happens if I am on a tour and I return late to the hotel. I don’t have energy left to go to the restaurant. What do I do then?
  4. Do I have a preference for any particular vegetarian food?
  5. If there are vegetarian restaurants, are there food delivery companies? If yes, what are the delivery charges of these companies? Please remember that some countries charge a higher food delivery fee than others
  6. If none of the above, Should I carry ready to eat food from my home country?

We did a group tour to Europe for Nepali residents. It was a preplanned coach tour. They were supposed to reach Milan from Rome. However, due to stoppages along the way, they would not reach before 11. European restaurants close by 11pm, at least most of them. Our client called us and we asked them to have dinner on the way. However, they could not manage the same on the way. So we called up a restaurant and asked them to deliver food at their hotel and paid them a delivery fee.

Some of the vegetarian food that you will find on most countries are as follows:

  • Cheese or mushroom Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Noodles
  • Cheese sandwich

You could even visit https://www.tripdarwin.com/explore to understand the popular cuisines of various countries.

So guys plan your holiday accordingly and make sure you are prepared before you take your next trip.

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