What if something goes wrong when you are on a holiday?

One of my friends had been to New Zealand for his honeymoon. He rented a self drive car for 10 days. On the 5th day, his car banged into another car. Police came and he was worried and not sure what to do. He called us and we immediately spoke to the car rental company to help with the formalities. He got another car and carried on with his journey.

Another customer has travelled to Paris and other European countries for his honeymoon. He went in December when it was off season in Europe. He was staying in a good small 4* boutique hotel in the city center. However, he was the only one in the hotel with one person at the reception since it was off season. While he was inside the room, he heard someone banging the door from outside. He spoke to the reception and she said it’s not possible since there is no other guest or person in this hotel.

He asked the receptionist to come up and check, but she was scared. He called me. It was 2am in the night. I suggested he call the police and immediately move to another hotel at the next opportunity. I booked him another hotel near Eiffel tower. But how does he get out? After a while he called me and mentioned that the receptionist took the courage to come up and asked them to move to another hotel.

Another customer travelled to Singapore and had to be hospitalized because of some infection. The hospital charged him USD 3000 for the entire treatment. He called us and asked us about the procedure to claim his USD 3000. Our team spoke to the insurance company and he got a 90% refund within 15 days after deducting  standard fees of the insurance company.

One more case happened when a customer was travelling to Europe and the airline misplaced his bag. He had to buy new clothes and incurred USD 500 towards emergency expenses. When he called us, we helped him get this money back from the insurance company.

One more incident worth mentioning is when our client visiting Cambodia lost his passport. He wasn’t sure how he would return to his home country. Our team guided him to approach the local embassy who would issue a temporary passport to reach his home country after which he can apply for a new passport.

Such incidents are possible when you are travelling to another country and you may not be comfortable handling such situations unlike your own country where you know what to do. Then there are incidents of robbery, language issues because of which safety becomes an issue.

Below are some of the things you should do before travelling:

  1. Always get travel insurance. Travel insurance will protect you against charges borne in a foreign country if you fall sick and require hospitalization. Travel insurance also covers you from other small but possible cases of lost baggage, missed flight connection etc.
  2. Always save the emergency numbers for that destination e.g. police, hospital etc. I am assuming you have a way to reach the travel company or website from where you booked the trip.
  3. Keep your home country number active with enough data throughout the trip. You may opt for a local sim to cut costs but it is always handy to have one home country number working at all times.
  4. Don’t carry a lot of cash while you are out on a tour. Keep in the locker of your hotel room or in your bag back in your hotel.
  5. Use a baggage tracker for your bags. These trackers will tell you where your bag is in case you lose it.
  6. Save the contact numbers of all service providers. Your travel company will provide you a voucher which will have an emergency contact number of the supplier of the service e.g. tour company, car company etc.

We hope the above was useful and gives you the comfort and peace of mind to travel and explore an unknown territory.

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