Should you do a multi city holiday or have a longer stay in a single city?

We all want more. And hence we try to accommodate multiple cities in a single holiday. The perception is that you will get bored in a single city if you spend more time in one place.

Well the answer to the above depends upon the purpose of the trip, time in hand, budget etc. Following are some of the reasons to plan a holiday:

  • Summer vacations for children
  • Birthday/Anniversary/some other special occasion
  • Honeymoon
  • Want to experience a new culture
  • Break from routine life

and so on

Let me give two examples of a 7 day holiday in Switzerland

Holiday 1 – 2N Zurich + 2N Lucerne + 3N Gstaad


  • Day 1: Arrive in Zurich. Transfer to hotel. Overnight Zurich.
  • Day 2: Zurich city tour with Rhine falls. Overnight Zurich.
  • Day 3: Take the train to Lucerne. Overnight Lucerne.
  • Day 4: Lucerne lake cruise. Overnight Lucerne
  • Day 5: Take the train to Gstaad. Overnight Gstaad.
  • Day 6: Full day tour of Glacier 3000. Overnight Gstaad.
  • Day 7: Full day at leisure. Overnight Gstaad.
  • Day 8: Fly back

Holiday 2 – 7N Gstaad


  • Day 1: Arrive in Gstaad. Transfer to hotel. Overnight Gstaad
  • Day 2: Morning breakfast in the hotel. Day at leisure. Evening walk exploring nearby areas. Overnight Gstaad.
  • Day 3: Hot Air balloon ride from Chateau d’oex (next to Gstaad). The view of the Alps or the Gruyere from the balloon basket is incredible.
  • Day 4: Visit Glacier 3000. Overnight Gstaad
  • Day 5: Rent a bike and explore the town on two wheels. You could also explore the option of mountain biking.
  • Day 6: Hike the different trails Gstaad has to offer. There are more than 323km of hiking paths in Gstaad.
  • Day 7: Day free for shopping.
  • Day 8: Fly back

The difference between the 2 itineraries is that in itinerary 1, you explore 3 cities versus one in itinerary 2. Also in itinerary 1, you have to pack/unpack 6 times while in itinerary 2 you do so 2 times. In itinerary 1, you get to experience the train travel which you don’t in itinerary 2. However, you could look at visiting nearby cities by train in itinerary 2 and return back the same day. Itinerary 1 gives you the option to explore different cities e.g. city tour in zurich, lake cruise in lucerne whereas such experience is not there in itinerary 2. However this may differ from city to city. Itinerary 2 also gives you the option to explore things popular in the city like hiking, biking etc. whereas you don’t have enough time in itinerary 1 to explore the city culture on your own.

One of the recent trips we did for a client was to Kashmir. I tried to convince him to stay for 2N in a houseboat in Srinagar but he was very clear that he was looking for a ski holiday and would like to spend all 4N in Gulmarg.

The idea of this post is not to influence you to opt for a single city or multi city trip. I thought of bringing to light the different experience you will get in both options. It also depends upon who you are travelling with, interest of others and several other factors.

The major reason for people not opting for a single city holiday is they are not aware of all the different things to do there. Also, we get influenced by what others are doing. Until you share your story with others, people will not know how good the experience is.

You could also visit to get some ideas on what to do in the destination you are visiting. I hope you make the right decision while planning your holiday and get the experience you are looking for.

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