Different modes of transport between 2 cities (DIY travel)

When I went to Helsinki, I thought of doing a day trip to Tallinn, Estonia. I researched on the internet on the different ways to get there. Since Helsinki and Tallinn are close to each other separated by sea, flight and ferry were the only 2 options for a same day return. The next obvious thought was what is cheaper. I again searched the internet for airfare and rates for ferry and it turned out that ferry was a better option

Let’s take another example. Let’s say you are travelling to Europe and plan to cover Paris, Milan and Rome. You now want to decide how to travel from Paris to Milan and Milan to Rome. There are 4 ways to get from Paris to Milan i.e. Flight, Train, Bus, private car.

Flight would take about 1.5hrs and cost let say USD 250 (including roundtrip taxi to the airport from your hotel), train would take about 7hrs (fast train) to 12 hrs (slow train) and cost lets say USD 300 (including hotel roundtrip taxi), bus will take about 12.5 hours for an overnight journey and cost about lets say USD 175 including roundtrip taxi from hotel, and a private car costs lets say USD 1000 for a minivan from hotel in Paris to hotel in Milan.

After looking at all this data, what option would you choose?

If you take an overnight bus or train, you save on your accommodation cost. If you take flight, you will reach faster but pay more. Private car may look out of the equation. But imagine if you were 6 people travelling, then the cost of the private car per person is approx USD 166 per person which is cheaper than all other modes of transport. You see how different permutations and combinations are possible and the mode of transport selected may vary from person to person.

I asked myself – wouldn’t it be convenient to see all possible modes of transport between two cities along with the price? Rome2rio is one website that does this but the prices here are given as a range. Also I get redirected to their partner website to do the booking. Which means if I am booking a taxi from Paris hotel to train station, train ticket and taxi from Milan train station to Milan hotel, I will be booking these 3 components on 3 different websites. And if I end up missing one connection, then the other won’t give me a refund! 

You can also get all modes of transport between two cities with price from www.tripdarwin.com. You could visit www.tripdarwin.com/faq#transport for more information. I hope you make meaningful decisions from this data and have the freedom and power to choose the best option for you. 

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