Hidden secrets of booking holiday packages

We received a query from a client for Taj Maldives for 3 nights. She was getting a rate of USD 8000 for 3 nights excluding transfers on Booking.com. Transfers if booked separately would cost another USD 150 per person for a return trip by seaplane. The same hotel with us was available for USD 5000 including transfers.

How did this happen? Hotels have different pricing strategies for city hotels and leisure hotels. Leisure hotel means a hotel in a beach destination, mountain destination or any hotel we visit for holiday. City hotels are mainly for business. Hotels tend to offer higher differential pricing through various channels to improve their bottom line or profits. This difference varies from country to country. The difference for city hotels may be less because those may be filled for business purposes.

Rates also differ from season to season. There is a different pricing for off season versus peak season. For e.g. Goa is off season from 15th April to 30th September. Prices should be lower by 25% to 50% between peak season to off season.

Hotels also provide some inventory at better price, if booked as a holiday package. This again helps hotels improve their bottom line or profits by filling their initial rooms.

Booking the entire holiday package also has savings on airfare. This again works with certain destinations. For e.g. many travel agents do bulk booking with airlines for popular routes e.g. Delhi to Leh, Mumbai to Goa etc. But they will not sell this standalone. They will add a hotel and maybe a transfer and then sell as a package. If you have ever wondered why certain packages are cheaper than what you would get directly on public websites or with the hotel, this is the reason.

To help our clients, we got all this information together on our website http://www.tripdarwin.com which specializes in holidays. Here you will find individual discounted pricing for various components but to book, you will have to book a package. The reason to provide individual pricing is to help people decide what they need as per their budget and have the power to customize it as per preference. To help our clients, we further manage their entire trip end to end so that you can focus only on your holiday

I hope this article was useful and will help you decide on your holiday at the same time save money.

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