How to book a holiday during Covid times?

One of my friends was planning a trip to Kashmir in April 2021. He called me and asked the following questions:

a) What happens if he gets Corona just before travel?

b) What happens if he gets Corona while travelling?

c) Will I lose all the money I paid for the package? or part of it? or what is the refund policy?

These are common questions which could come to anyone’s mind. I suggested him the following:

a) To protect your money if you get Corona before the travel date, always book fully refundable tickets. That’s right!!! No cancellation charges from the airline. Airlines are offering free cancellation tickets for an additional cost. You may also contact your travel agent for some special offers on these fully refundable tickets. For hotels, most popular tourist places like Gulmarg may have a 15 days or 30 days prior cancellation policy. If you get Corona within this period, you will have to request the hotel for a full refund. Most hotels will give you a travel voucher for future use for the same amount. If you insist for a refund, most will agree and give you the money back

b) To protect against getting Corona while travelling, always buy domestic travel insurance. This will help you cover medical or any incremental cost you may occur because of Covid. Every insurance company has a different policy so do check the terms and conditions.

c) You may lose some money towards hotel cancellation policy or you may get a travel voucher for future use. Do check all terms and conditions properly before booking your package.

He finally decided to book the following with us:

  1. Fully refundable air tickets

2) Hotels which have a cancellation policy with the condition that he will get a travel voucher or full refund if he gets Corona

3) Free cancellation upto 48 hours prior for a car with chauffeur.

So if you want to travel and are concerned, don’t worry. Plan in advance with full knowledge of the cancellation policy to avoid losing money.

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