How to choose your travel companion?

How often have you travelled with a friend or a couple friend and come back being not so good friends any more? This happens many times because each individual has different preference. Going on a holiday together means you will be spending a lot of time together in a day. This is different than meeting your friend in your own city where you catch up for dinner or coffee.

So why should you be so particular about your travel companion? Imagine you have booked a tour at 11am and you are waiting in the lobby at 10.55 but your companion does not turn up until 11.15. The tour company refuses to wait and leaves. Or lets say your companions children have their dinner early but your children have dinner late. What time will you go for dinner? Or your child is not eating and to make sure the child eats something, you order 2 to 3 different food items. At the end the food is wasted. Will your companion like it?

We are not getting into who is right or wrong here. When travelling with a companion, make sure they are flexible, easy going and understand that every person is different. It may not be a bad idea to talk about some of the issues before hand like children or your own food preference and any other preference so that each one is prepared. When we went to Amsterdam with another couple, they preferred sightseeing and we dint. However, we still opted to do the sightseeing for them. Similarly they were flexible with other things.

So guys choose the right people to travel with and make sure you have a good holiday and a lasting friendship.

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