Igloo hotel in India?

You must have heard about #Igloo hotels in Finland or other Scandinavian countries. But not many of us are aware but there is one igloo hotel in India in Manali. These are handmade igloo’s and it is operational in the winter season.

So what is so great about the Igloo hotel? I would say the experience. Also the thrill of visiting Manali in winter. Yes it will be cold and experience will be different.

So how do you get there? The igloo’s are situated at a height of 9000 ft near Sethan village in Hamta. You arrive in Manali and will be picked up in a 4WD vehicle for the 45 min drive up in the mountains. From the drop point, you will have to do a 30 min trek to reach the igloo. Quite an adventure. Most people would stay for 1 night in Igloo and remaining in a hotel in Manali centre.

How do I pass my time here? There are a lot of activities available like skiing, tube sliding, making snow man, and lessons on how to make your own igloo. You will witness a lot of snow. There will be bon fire and music for your entertainment.

How much does it cost? The igloo hotels cost INR 5500 per person for the entire package including the activities. Pickup and drop will be additional INR 3500 for one 4×4 Gypsy. Maximum 6 people in 1 gypsy.

What else should I do with Manali? You could combine a trip to Manali with 2 or 3 nights in #Shimla to make it a perfect 5 or 6 nights holiday. But if you want to have a taste of this magical experience, you will have to book in advance as there are on 6 igloos.

So if you are an adventure seeker and love the snow, don’t miss this one. So guys get going and #DekhoApnaDesh

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