Should I travel now or later in #2021?

With #Summer holidays round the corner, many of you are tempted to plan the next holiday this summer. Its been over a year since Covid started spreading in India and with the year #2020 gone staying at home, many of us really want to get out.

Some of you may have already done a 2 day bungalow or villa stay but I am sure you want more. The idea is to experience a different place, to feel disconnected from the routine life and to spend quality time with family and friends.

So how can you satisfy your need to travel? There are few things to consider when planning to travel now or later. Does your state have high covid cases? Are you doing your routine work of travelling to office, buying vegetables in the market? Are you living a pre covid life wearing a mask? If yes, whether you travel now or later will not make a difference. #Should you stay in a hotel or villa? Again it does not matter as hotels are taking precautions and staying in a hotel will definitely be better than being among people in the market buying vegetable or being at the parlor or smoking cigarette on the road.

One big disadvantage of travelling now specially to a tourist destination like Goa is the over priced hotel. Yesterday one of our customers asked us for a quote for Goa for 1st April and the price was whopping 22k per night for a 5 star property. There were other 5 star properties double the price. With summer season setting in, Goa would be hot although very popular. We recommended she travel to Kashmir for 3/4th the price including flight, hotel and car for a family of 4.

So if you are planning to travel now, you should research the destination carefully. Things like whether negative covid test is mandatory, hotel prices, airfare etc. I know Kashmir currently is doing testing at Srinagar airport for all incoming tourist. Similarly other states may have different rules.

If you plan to travel later, go for a full cancellation package including airfare. State rules will keep changing towards travel and are beyond your control so free cancellation or full refund will be helpful. You will benefit from the pricing only if you book now. For e.g. average return airfare from Mumbai to Goa during new year period is 12k. If you book now with free cancellation, you will get it for around 7k. Thats a saving of 70%. Hotels will not be available later or if the demand increases because of Covid fading due to mass vaccination, be ready to shell out 100% extra later compared to what you would pay now.

One more concern my clients have when planning their travel is what happens if they get Covid before travel date and are unable to travel. Well, if you have booked free cancellation ticket, you will get full refund of the air ticket. For hotel, some hotels will refund you the money while some will give credit note to utilise later. Do check the policies before booking. If you have booked a transfer, these are generally cancellation upto 48 hours prior. If you get Covid while travelling, make sure you buy a travel insurance policy before travel to take care of this.

For all those who prefer international destinations, year #2021 will be the year to travel within India. If you plan your holiday smartly with proper research and book in advance, you will surely end up doing 2 holidays in the price of 1!

So guys #DekhoApnaDesh

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